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Denise transitioned to her own counseling practice to focus more on providing personalized attention to each individual client. This shift allows her to dedicate her expertise and care to fostering the growth and healing of her clients in a more intimate setting.

Before your first session, take some time to reflect on what you hope to achieve in counseling and any specific issues or goals you’d like to address. It’s also helpful to come with an open mind and a willingness to engage in the therapeutic process.

Yes, we offer teletherapy and online counseling services for clients who prefer remote sessions or are unable to attend in person.

We accept various payment options, including cash, check, and credit/debit cards. We can also provide information about insurance coverage and reimbursement.

Yes, counseling sessions are confidential, and your privacy is a top priority. Information discussed in sessions is kept confidential within legal and ethical boundaries.

Counseling sessions typically last around 50 minutes to an hour, but the duration may vary depending on individual needs and preferences.

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling options, including evening and weekend appointments, to accommodate your needs.

You can schedule an appointment by contacting us directly via phone or email or by clicking on the booking link on our website. We’ll work with you to find a convenient time for your session.

I have a master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University and extensive experience in providing therapy to individuals and couples facing a variety of challenges.

In counseling, we explore the dynamics of your family of origin and how they may impact your current relationships and well-being. Through understanding and resolving these issues, we aim to promote personal growth and healthier relationships.

Co-dependency involves unhealthy patterns of behavior in relationships, often characterized by a lack of boundaries and excessive reliance on others for validation and self-worth. In treatment, we focus on establishing healthier boundaries, nurturing self-esteem, and promoting balanced relationships.

Couples counseling focuses on improving communication, understanding, and collaboration between partners to strengthen their relationship and address specific challenges they may be facing.

During grief counseling sessions, you can expect to receive compassionate support as we explore your emotions, memories, and experiences surrounding your loss. Together, we’ll work to find constructive ways to navigate the grieving process.

EMDR therapy is an evidence-based approach that helps individuals process traumatic memories and alleviate symptoms of PTSD by utilizing bilateral stimulation to facilitate the brain’s natural healing process.

Counseling offers a supportive environment where individuals can explore their thoughts and feelings, learn coping strategies, and develop skills to manage symptoms, fostering emotional well-being and resilience.

We specialize in providing support for individuals facing challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, grief and loss, co-dependency, and family of origin issues.

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